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Poster design and print media gallery

Designing a poster - the very basic principles for clarity and aesthetics.

The Principles of Design are focusing on the relationships of the elements of design to each other in order to create a useful and beautiful final unitary product. So think about harmony, rhythm and emphasis encircled in the concepts of information flow and aesthetics.  

A poster graphic design example
graphic design of a poster (click on the image to enlarge it)

 The old school rules in poster graphic design (isn't that nice.... but it's lame! )

A color scheme of one or two colors
Consistent Alignment
The use of text boxes
The poster should be arranged in columns
The font size should be 24pt to larger typefaces, as 28pt
Black text on white backgrounds.

Now think about some principles from visual neuroscience or whatever you want: the pop-up effect, color contrast and the role of colors in visual perception. An alignment of the poster elements based on boxes does not create an aesthetic visual rhythm, but only a fragmented understanding, the columns never guarantee an information flow that helps perception and the font size should be relative to the poster dimensions... so 24pt text on a A0 poster or an A3 poster has different visibility properties.  Print paper size Wiki

Click on the image below to enlarge it
Great example of a poster design gallery

Check carefully the look of the site that provides you the poster design guides! A good guide will be stored on a good site and it will be accompanied by poster graphic design examples.  Otherwise how a good poster designer could have a boring site, using the same graphic design principles that he claims?

Promote your event by using high quality graphic design. Get help from a professional graphic designer!

The real principles:
Click on the image below to enlarge it  
a professional poster graphic design portfolio

Poster Graphics Design Principles and Pictures

The eye is always drawn first to the pictures on the poster.

First the central image or graphic, then the captions. After this attention catch, the consumer will look for the headlines and sub-headings. Use nice typo!

Put in the poster headlines some detail about the subject of your work or event.

Professional poster printing is important! Destroy a poster by using low-quality support!

Now remember that:

Good design is innovative, so step away from the boring "safe design area".

Good design makes the poster useful, so create an information/perception flow.
Good design makes the information understandable, so integrate graphs and text, not just intercalate graphs and text.
Good design means beauty, and beauty means success! 
Good design is long lasting, be sure that you'll be proud of your poster now and five years from now. To be sure of that, get help from a professional graphic designer with some experience in the field.
Click on the image below to enlarge it   
amazing print display for beautiful design posters

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Good design is like a show, not like a sad and boring class , whatever it's about promoting science research, a party or an eco-friendly event.  
I am mastering all the design concepts above and more, so....If you need a great design for your poster, feel free to contact me! I'm here to help!

Some good information regarding the theory and practice of the graphic design of a poster you can find on - Persuading Presence  and  Waterloo effective poster design and on basic concepts you can use to make your poster design look more professional and some quick ideas at printplace.
If you are looking for some inspiring poster design examples  follow the link or go visit poster design.
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