Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book cover design III

 Book Cover Design - front cover made in 3D , then the 3D book scene was rendered in 3D.

book cover design

These book covers were made for some Romanian writers published by Pamantul Publishing House. I made for each author, for free, a few book cover options, and let them choose the one they considered to reflect best the book content. They informed the Publishing House about their final options. I do not work at that publishing house, but I am a friend of the manager. All the books belong to the literary field. In this post: Author: Nicolae Iliescu, Book: Priveste dincolo de tine (Look Beyond Yourself) and Olivia Sgarbura - Jocul Orb (The Blind Game) published by Editura Pamantul (Pamantul Publishing House) . The image on the front cover was made in 3D. The pictures of the authors on the back cover were provided by the authors and processed by me. The entire design belongs to me.

Book Author: Dumitru Augustin Doman
Book Title: The book reader (Cititorul de roman)
Click the image to enlarge.

3D and book design 

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